• In 1994, Nova Scotia established 12 Regional Development Authorities (RDAs) to coordinate economic development activity at the local level and among partners.
  • The RDAs were supported financially through multi‐year Contribution agreements between the federal government and the provincial government, with matching contributions by Nova Scotia’s municipalities. This shared funding model of one third from the federal government, one third from the provincial government, and one third from municipal governments represented a unique partnership model for regional economic development in Atlantic Canada.
  • In May of 2012, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agencies announced it would be discontinuing funding for the 12 Regional Development Authorities.
  • This prompted the Province of Nova Scotia to establish an RDA Review Committee. In October of 2013, the committee released their report “Renewing Economic Development in the Province of Nova Scotia”.
  • The report called for the development of six Regional Enterprise Networks that would guide and navigate regional development in Nova Scotia, supporting regional business growth.
  • By 2016, five Regional Enterprise Networks were established representing the majority of rural Nova Scotia.